Modifying the IBM Integration API samples

Modify the IBM® Integration API samples to change the parameters that they use to complete their tasks.

About this task

If you change a sample, you must recompile the source code to implement those changes. For example, you might choose to change the default connection parameters. If you modify these and other values, you change the behavior of the sample.

To modify a sample, perform the following steps:


  1. Set up the environment by following the instructions provided in Configuring an environment for developing and running custom integration applications.
  2. Locate the source file for the sample that you want to change.
    The source files for the samples are located in the following directories:
    Deploy BAR sample
    Integration node management sample
    IBM Integration API Exerciser sample
  3. Open the source file, and modify the appropriate parameters.
  4. Save and recompile the source file.

What to do next

Run the modified sample by following the instructions in the appropriate link: