Restoring the integration node

Restore an integration node configuration that you backed up previously.

Before you begin

Back up the integration node.

About this task

You can restore an integration node on a computer that has an identical configuration by using the backup file that you created. The operating system must be at the same level, and the integration node and queue manager names must be identical.


  1. If you have deleted the integration node and it no longer exists, or if you are restoring it on a different computer, create it by using the mqsicreatebroker command.
    Use the same name and parameters that you used for the integration node that you backed up.
  2. If the integration node is running, stop it by using the mqsistop command.
    If you intend to restore common configuration information from other integration nodes that you have configured on this computer, you must also stop all the integration nodes that share this common information. For example, you can restore profile information from common files.
  3. Restore the integration node.
    Specify the integration node name and the name and location of the backup file. If you want to restore common configuration information, or if you want a trace of the actions that are taken, specify the appropriate parameters for your platform.
    • Linux platformWindows platformUNIX platformRun the mqsirestorebroker command.

      For example, to restore an integration node on Windows, enter the following command:

      mqsirestorebroker WBRK_BROKER -d c:\MQSI\BACKUP -a
    • z/OS platformCustomize and submit the JCL member BIPRSBK.
  4. When the command has completed successfully, start the integration node by using the mqsistart command. If the integration node has an associated queue manager, it must be running before you restart the integration node.

What to do next

The integration node configuration has been restored; you can continue your work with this integration node.