Managing integration nodes by using the IBM Integration API

Develop Java™ applications that use the IBM® Integration API to manage integration nodes and their associated resources.

Before you begin

Understand how you can use the IBM Integration API to manage the resources associated with your integration nodes; see IBM Integration API.

Samples are provided to demonstrate typical IBM Integration API scenarios. Run and explore the samples to learn about what you can do with the IBM Integration API; see The IBM Integration API samples.

About this task

You can use the IBM Integration API to develop administrative applications or to develop message flows.

To develop administrative applications that run tasks in your integration nodes, see the following information:


When you have created your applications, test their operation in your test environment. Check the results of the operations that the programs have performed by using the Deployment Log view.

What to do next

When you have written and tested your applications, distribute them to the computers from which you want your administrators to perform the tasks that you have developed.