Security on Windows

Understand the security requirements on Windows before you install IBM® Integration Bus.

To install IBM Integration Bus on Windows, you must have the authority to install software on the system.

When you install IBM Integration Bus, the installation wizard calls the mqsisetsecurity command, which completes the following tasks:
  • Creates a security group called mqbrkrs.
  • Adds your current user ID to the group mqbrkrs.
If you want to use IBM Integration Bus with a different user ID from the ID that you use to install the product, you must add that user ID to the mqbrkrs group. Use either the Windows security facilities or the mqsisetsecurity command to complete this task; see mqsisetsecurity command.

For an example that uses a Windows domain group topology to run IBM Integration Bus in a Windows domain environment, see Security in a Windows domain environment.

Windows Terminal Services

If you are installing IBM Integration Bus on a computer that runs Terminal Services, change the user mode to install before you start the installation, to ensure that actions taken during the installation are completed correctly; for example, that .ini files and other related files are created in the default system directory (C:\Windows). Restore the user mode to execute after the installation.