Removing a promoted property

If you have promoted a property from the node to the message flow level, you can remove (delete) it if you no longer want to specify its value at the message flow level. The property reverts to the value that you specified at the node level. If you remove a promoted property that is a mandatory property, ensure that you have set a value at the node level. If you have not, you cannot successfully deploy a BAR file that includes this message flow.

Before you begin

About this task

If you have promoted one or more message flow node properties, and want to delete them:


  1. Switch to the Integration Development perspective.
  2. Open the message flow for which you want to promote properties by double-clicking the message flow in the Application Development view.
    You can also open the message flow by right-clicking it in the Application Development view and clicking Open
    The message flow contents are displayed in the editor view.
  3. In the Editor view, right-click the symbol of the message flow node whose properties you want to promote.
  4. Select Promote Property.

    The Promote Property dialog is displayed.

    The Promote Property dialog
  5. Select the promoted property that you want to remove from the list of properties in the Promoted properties pane, and click Remove.
    The property is removed from the Promoted properties pane and is restored to the list in the Available node properties pane, in the appropriate place in the tree of properties for the node from which you promoted it. You can promote this property again.
  6. To delete all the promoted properties in a single group, select the group in the Promoted properties pane and click Remove.
    The group and all the properties it contains are deleted from this list: the individual properties that you promoted are restored to the nodes from which you promoted them.
  7. Click Apply to commit this change without closing the Promote Property dialog box. Click OK to complete your updates and close the dialog box.


If you have included this message flow in a higher-level message flow, and have set a value for a promoted property that you have now deleted, the embedding flow is not automatically updated to reflect the deletion. However, when you deploy that embedding message flow in the integration node domain, the deleted property is ignored.