Introduction to the "Simplifying message flows by using stored procedures" scenario

Discover how to enhance a message in IBM® Integration Bus by using a stored procedure to access data from multiple database tables.

In this scenario, you investigate the Mapping node and its support for database stored procedures. You learn about the benefits of using stored procedures, which simplify mapping. After you create the initial database, you use IBM Integration Bus for each of the following steps:

  1. You use a script to create tables in the database, populate the tables with data, and create a stored procedure in the database
  2. You then import a message flow, discover the stored procedure, and use the stored procedure for your database mapping.
  3. Finally, you test the message flow by using the Flow Exerciser tool in the IBM Integration Toolkit.

What to do next

  1. Read the following topics to understand the scenario and the concepts that the scenario demonstrates:
  2. Implement the solution
  3. Test the solution