Generating a pattern instance

Generate resources from the pattern.

Before you begin

You must have chosen pattern. For more details, see Choosing a pattern.

About this task

The Generate button is unavailable until all required parameters are complete.

To generate the IBM® Integration Toolkit resources for the pattern, complete the following steps.


On the Configuration page, click Generate.
Focus is automatically moved to the Application Development view, which lists all the new resources that have been generated.

All of the other resources are filtered out in this view.


Following a successful Generate action:
  • A pattern instance project is created in your workspace and is displayed in the Application Development view. The pattern instance project contains a pattern instance configuration file and a summary file. The summary file describes the tasks that have been generated, and the tasks that are still required.
  • All the resources generated for a pattern instance are packaged into their own working set and the Application Development view displays only the resources in this working set. The name of the working set is always the same as the pattern instance name provided. This name must always be unique within the workspace.
  • You can regenerate the pattern by using the same instance name, but, if you confirm the regeneration, existing projects are deleted, see Editing and regenerating a pattern.

What to do next

Now complete the following task: