Building pattern plug-ins

You must build the pattern plug-ins before you can distribute user-defined patterns to pattern users.

Before you begin

Complete the following tasks:

About this task


To build the pattern plug-ins:

  1. In the Pattern Authoring editor, click the Create Pattern tab.
  2. Enter values in the Plug-in ID and Version fields for your plug-in according to the naming and version numbering conventions within your organization.
    For more information about naming conventions for Eclipse plug-ins, see For more information about version numbering conventions for Eclipse plug-ins, see
  3. Optional: Select Create translation plug-ins, if required.
  4. Click Create Pattern Plug-ins.

    The plug-ins for your user-defined pattern are created and displayed under the Pattern Authoring folder in the Application Development view. The plug-ins are named PluginID, and PluginID.doc, where PluginID is the value entered in the Plug-in ID field in the Create Pattern tab. If Create translation plug-ins is selected, two additional plug-ins are created, named PluginID.nl1 and PluginID.nl1.doc.

What to do next

You must now test the pattern, see Testing a user-defined pattern.