Using user-defined editors for pattern parameters

Create and configure a user-defined editor, which is used by pattern users to enter the value for a pattern parameter in your user-defined pattern.

About this task

When you define the user interface for your user-defined pattern, you must assign an editor to every pattern parameter. In addition to the built-in editors, you can create user-defined editors. The appearance and function of a user-defined editor is defined by Java™ code that you must write.


To use a user-defined editor for a pattern parameter in a user-defined pattern:

  1. Select the user-defined editor type for the required pattern parameter when you define the user interface for your user-defined pattern; see Defining the user interface.
  2. Configure the user-defined editor; see Configuring a user-defined editor. When you configure the user-defined editor, you must specify the Java class that runs when the editor is used. For more information about writing Java code for user-defined editors, see Writing Java code for a user-defined editor.