Testing a project creation expression

Test your XPath project creation expression created in a user-defined pattern to check that it works correctly.

Before you begin

Complete the following tasks:


To test your XPath expression:

  1. If the Create tab in the Edit Project window is not already open, complete the following steps to open the tab:
    1. Open the Pattern Authoring editor.
    2. In the Source Files tab, in the Select Source Files section, double-click the project containing the XPath expression that you want to test, or select the project and click Edit.
      The Edit Project window opens.
    3. Click the Create tab.
  2. To change the test value for a parameter, select the parameter in the Pattern Parameters section and enter the required test value in the Test value field. Click Set.
    The new test value is shown in the Pattern Parameters section.
  3. To test the expression, click Evaluate.
    The expression is evaluated by using the values in the Test Values column of the Pattern Parameters section and the result is shown in the Result field. If the expression is not valid an error message is displayed in the Result field.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, as required, to test the XPath expression.
    If you want to modify the expression, see Creating a project used in a user-defined pattern.
  5. When you have finished testing the expression, click OK.
    The Edit Project window closes.