Creating a pattern authoring project

Create a pattern authoring project and choose an exemplar for the project.

About this task


To create a pattern authoring project:

  1. Click File > New > Other.
    A window opens in which you can select a wizard.
  2. Expand Integration Bus - Application Development, select Pattern Authoring Project, then click Next.
    The New Pattern Authoring Project wizard opens.
  3. Enter a pattern name and a project name for your pattern, then click Next.
  4. Select the project references that you require.
    These references are the exemplars for the user-defined pattern.
  5. Click Finish.


Your pattern is displayed under the Pattern Authoring folder in the Application Development view, and is opened in the Pattern Authoring editor.

What to do next

Select the source files. For more information, see Selecting the source files to use for a user-defined pattern.