Configuring SOAP nodes for user-defined patterns

Configure the target properties on SOAPInput, SOAPRequest, and SOAPAsyncRequest nodes by using a WSDL file.

Before you begin

Before you can complete this task, you must have completed the following tasks:


To configure target properties on SOAP nodes by using a WSDL file:

  1. Select an exemplar that uses a SOAPInput, SOAPRequest, or SOAPAsyncRequest node.
  2. Define the target properties and ensure that the WSDL file name target property is selected as a target property in the SOAPInput, SOAPRequest, or SOAPAsyncRequest node.

What to do next

When the pattern user generates an instance of the user-defined pattern, the WSDL file name is presented as a pattern parameter. After the pattern user inputs the WSDL file name, the properties in the WSDL file are used to configure the SOAP node target properties. Examples of WSDL properties are the port type, binding, and service port values.

The target properties are configured with the first occurrence of each WSDL property.