Specifying opaque elements for the XMLNSC parser

Specify an element as an opaque element so that its content is ignored by the XMLNSC parser.

Before you begin

About this task

To specify the elements that are to be skipped by the XMLNSC parser:


  1. Right-click the selected message flow node, click Properties and select Parser Options.
  2. At the bottom of the XMLNSC Parser Options panel is an area that lists the elements that have already been selected as opaque elements. Click Add to add an element to this list.
    A new pane Add Opaque elements Entry opens.
  3. In the Add Opaque elements Entry pane, specify the new XML element that you want to be opaquely parsed.
    Each opaque element must be specified as an ESQL element name or an XPath expression of the form //prefix:name (or //name, if your input document does not contain namespaces).
    Note: A prefix is used rather than a full URI to identify the namespace; for further information, see XPath namespace support.

What to do next

Click Edit or Delete to edit the list of opaque elements.