Creating enumerated types for pattern parameters

Define enumerated types to provide predefined values for pattern parameters in your user-defined patterns.

Before you begin

Complete the following tasks:

About this task

Enumerated types give pattern users a predefined list of values to select from when they choose values for pattern parameters after generating a new pattern instance.


To create a new enumerated type:

  1. In the Pattern Authoring editor, click the Pattern Configuration tab. Click Enumerated Types.
    The Configure Enumerated Types window opens.
  2. Click the Add button that is under the Enumerated type field.
    The Enter New Enumeration window opens.
  3. Enter a name for the enumeration in the Enter a name for the enumeration field. Click OK.
    The new enumeration is displayed in the table of values, and a display name and default value are entered in the table.
  4. For manipulating values, either adding or editing, use the following options:
    • To add a new value, click the Add button that is next to the table of values. A new display name and value are added to the table.
    • To edit a display name or value, double-click the display name or value in the table. Type a new entry and then press Enter to save the new display name or value.
  5. When you have finished adding values and editing display names and values, click OK.
    The Configure Enumerated Types window closes.

What to do next

You can now assign your enumerated type to a pattern parameter, see Defining the user interface.