Flow debugger shortcuts

You can use function keys and shortcut keys to complete actions in the flow debugger views and windows.

Shortcut keys are shown as a pair that you press together, followed by a subsequent key, for example Shift-F10, C means hold the Shift key down and press F10, then release both and press key C.

The following tables describe the main shortcuts that are available in the debug session:

To see a complete list of all the shortcuts that are available, press Shift-F10 and release; the contextual menu is displayed.

Debug view

Key combination Function
Shift-F10, C Run to completion
Shift-F10, E Disconnect
F5 or Shift-F10, I Step into
F8 or Shift-F10, M Resume
Shift-F10, N Terminate All
F6 or Shift-F10, O Step over
Shift-F10, T Terminate
F7 or Shift-F10, U Step return
Shift-F10, V Terminate and Remove

Breakpoints view

Key combination Function
Shift-F10, A Select All
Shift-F10, B Add breakpoint
Shift-F10, D Disable the selected breakpoints
Shift-F10, E Enable the selected breakpoints
Shift-F10, L Remove all breakpoints
Shift-F10, O Remove the selected breakpoints

Flow Breakpoint Properties dialog

Key combination Function
E Enable the breakpoint
Alt-R, <space> Restrict the breakpoint to the selected flow instances