Transaction ID support

An SAP transaction ID (TID) is contained in the ALE wrapper business object and is therefore available as a field in the message tree. You can use transaction ID support to ensure once-only delivery of ALE objects.

The most common reason for using transaction ID support is to ensure once and only once delivery of data. The SAP transaction ID property is always generated by the Adapter Connection wizard.

The message flow must determine how to store the SAP transaction ID and how to relate the SAP transaction ID to the data being sent to the adapter. When the events are successful, the message flow should not resubmit the event associated with this TID again to prevent the processing of duplicate events.
  • If the message flow does not send an SAP transaction ID with the business object, the adapter returns one after executing the transaction.
  • If the message flow has an SAP transaction ID, it needs to populate the SAP transaction ID property with that value before executing the transaction.

The SAP transaction ID can be used for cross-referencing with a global unique ID that is created for an outbound event. The global unique ID is something you can create for managing integration scenarios.