Message Sets: Adding a local element

Add a local element to a message, type, group, or complex element.

Before you begin

You must have completed the following tasks:

This task assumes that you have previously added the relevant message, type, group, or complex element to your message model.

About this task

To add a local element to a message, type, group, or complex element:


  1. Switch to the Integration Development perspective.
  2. Ensure that the Outline view is visible in the Integration Development perspective of the IBM® Integration Toolkit. If the Outline view is not visible, from the IBM Integration Toolkit menu, click Window > Show View> Outline.
  3. In the Outline view, right-click the object (message, complex type, group, or complex element) to which you are adding a local element then click Add Local Element on the pop-up menu.
    A local element of type string is added to the message model and is assigned a default name.
  4. Either type a new name for the local element or press Enter to accept the default.


You can now configure the local element to your exact requirements. For further information about configuring message model objects see Message Sets: Configuring MRM message model objects.