Verifying an integration node

Use the mqsilist command to display the integration node that you have created on your computer.

About this task

If you run the mqsilist command with no parameters, a one line summary for every integration node that you have created for the current installation is displayed. For example:

BIP1325I: Integration node 'IB01NODE' with uri 'http://localhost:4414' is running. 

BIP1326I: Integration node 'IB02NODE' is stopped.

BIP8071I: Successful command completion.
You can request further details about all resources by specifying parameter -d 1 or -d 2 on the command, You can also specify the -r parameter so that the command recursively returns information about integration servers, and the message flows and files that you have deployed to those integration servers.

You can also use this command to display a list of integration nodes that you have created for all concurrent installations on this computer. For example, you might have installed both Version 9.0 and Version 10.1 for assessment and migration.

mqsilist -a