Data lineage CSV files

Comma-separated value (CSV) files for use in impact analysis and data lineage.

You can export all mapping transformations from all Compute nodes in a specified application, library, or IBM® Integration Bus project. You can also create extended data source documents for schemas in a message set project.

The resulting CSV files can be imported into products, such as IBM InfoSphere® Metadata Workbench, that can perform impact analysis and data lineage operations.
Data lineage
See where the information comes from, and what happens to it as it moves across data integration processes.
Impact analysis
Determine the effects of changing a field in the information flow.
The Data Lineage Documents wizard creates the following artifact as CSV files:
Extension Mapping Documents
This artifact contains rows of mappings from IBM Integration Bus transformations between message models in a message flow. One mapping document is created for each flow, containing all mappings done by different Compute nodes in the flow. Each transformation in a node is recorded on its own row:
Name,Source Columns,Target Columns,Rule,Function,Specification Description
The fields are as follows:
The name of the node in the message flow.
Source Columns
The source of the mappings.
Target Columns
The target of the mappings.
Not currently used.
A list of user-defined or built-in functions that are being called in the mapping. If the list exceeds 255 characters, it is truncated.
Specification Description
The Compute node module or ESQL procedure or function where the mapping takes place, that is where the target is being mapped. If it is in a function or procedure inside a compute module, it has this form:
{broker.schema1}MyMessageFlow2_Compute.Main, {}Compute2.CopyEntireMessage.
If it is a procedure or function outside the module scope, the procedure or function name is shown, for example:

Not all ESQL transformations are supported; see Data Lineage restrictions.