Creating an integration node on z/OS

Create the integration node component, and the other resources on which it depends.

Before you begin

  • Read Integration node security to understand what security you require.
  • For more information about available licenses, see License requirements.
  • Read through all the sub topics in the Customizing the z/OS environment section, and follow the guidance within those topics.
  • You must have installed:
    • IBM® Integration Bus for z/OS, with an integration node HFS file system mounted; for example, /usr/lpp/mqsi
    • IBM MQ, locally on the machine where IBM Integration Bus is installed.
  • Optional: review Overview of integration node creation on z/OS to understand the z/OS concepts that are involved when you create an integration node.

About this task

Important: If you want to connect an IBM Integration Toolkit directly to your z/OS system, you must install the IBM MQ Client Attach feature. If you do not have the IBM MQ Client Attach feature installed, you can connect the IBM Integration Toolkit through an intermediate queue manager.


  1. Determine the customization information for your environment.
    You must gather information about your environment before you can create an integration node on z/OS. The following two topics document the information you must gather. Complete the information that your enterprise requires.
    If necessary, discuss the requirements with your system and IBM MQ administrators.
  2. Set up security for the started task user IDs.
  3. To create your integration node, perform the following tasks in order:
    1. Collecting the information required to create an integration node
    2. Creating the integration node PDSE
    3. Creating the integration node directory on z/OS
    4. Customizing the integration node component data set
    5. Customizing the integration node JCL
    6. Creating the environment file
    7. Creating an integration server-specific environment file
    8. Deploying IBM Integration Bus on z/OS
    9. Copying the integration node started task to the procedures library
    10. Specifying an alternative user ID to run an integration server on z/OS

What to do next

To enable function that becomes available in IBM Integration Bus fix packs, use the -f parameter on the mqsichangebroker command. For more information, see mqsichangebroker command.