Component information for an integration node

Decide on the details of your z/OS® integration node component.

Collect the information shown in the Description column and complete the values you require for your particular system. You can see a complete list of variables you can customize in z/OS JCL variables.
Description JCL variable Example component value Your component value
Home directory of the file system for the integration node user ID ++HOME++ /u/mqp1usr/mqp1brk  
Queue Manager associated with the integration node ++QUEUEMANAGER++ MQP1  
File system directory where the integration node is to exist ++COMPONENTDIRECTORY++ /mqsi/brokers/MQP1BRK  
Integration node name ++COMPONENTNAME++ MQP1BRK  
Data set where all JCL relevant to the integration node is saved ++COMPONENTDATASET++ TESTDEV.BROKER.MQP1BRK  
Name of the Started Task JCL; can be a maximum of eight characters ++STARTEDTASKNAME++ MQP1BRK  
mqsicreatebroker options ++OPTIONS++ Any additional optional parameters for the mqsicreatebroker command