XML Schema

XML Schema is an international standard from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that defines a language for describing the structure of XML documents.

The XML Schema language is ideally suited to describing the messages that flow between business applications, and it is widely used in the business community for this purpose.

IBM® Integration Bus uses XML Schema 1.0 to describe the logical structure of messages. At a simple level, the types and elements in the message are modeled by using XML Schema types and elements. However, when the need arises, all of the advanced modeling features of XML Schema are available for modeling messages.

IBM Integration Bus defines some extensions of XML Schema, documented in XML Schema extensions and Message Sets: XML Schema extensions in message sets. It also defines some restrictions, documented in Message Sets: XML Schema restrictions in message sets.

For information about adding version and custom keyword information to your XML schema, see Adding version information and custom keyword values to your development resources.