Restoring components and resources

Restore components and resources that you migrated to Version 10.1 to their original state.

About this task

Only version-to-version migration is supported: you cannot use the mqsimigratecomponents command. If you migrated from IBM® Integration Bus Version 10.0 to IBM Integration Bus Version 10.1, you can restore your installation to the previous version by restarting the integration node against IBM Integration Bus Version 10.0.

Subject to the following restrictions and considerations, you can run integration nodes against either IBM Integration Bus Version 10.1 or IBM Integration Bus Version 10.0:
  • When you restart integration nodes against an IBM Integration Bus Version 10.0 installation, changes that you made that are compatible with the previous version are kept. Changes that you made that are not compatible with the previous version might cause errors.
  • You might want to restart your integration node against Version 10.0 if you encounter a problem after you migrate your integration nodes to Version 10.1. For example, if a message flow does not work as expected in Version 10.1, restore that integration node until you can resolve the problem.
  • You can restore integration nodes to a previous version only if they were migrated from that version originally. You cannot create a new Version 10.1 integration node, then restore it to a previous level.