Routing using publish/subscribe applications

You can route your messages to applications using the publish/subscribe method of messaging.

In IBM® Integration Bus, you can send publication messages to publish/subscribe brokers, and receive messages from them by using subscriptions. There are two situations where you can achieve additional functionality by using IBM Integration Bus for publish/subscribe. These situations are where you want to:
  • Provide additional transformation or routing function, or both, at publication time
  • Filter messages based on the content of the body of the message

Developing publish/subscribe applications

For background information about the publish/subscribe method of messaging, see the following topics:

Publish/Subscribe in IBM Integration Bus Version 10.1

In IBM Integration Bus Version 10.1, publish/subscribe functions are provided by the MQTT and Publication (IBM MQ) message flow nodes. IBM Integration Bus uses publish/subscribe to notify applications of significant events that occur in integration nodes. IBM Integration Bus provides a built-in MQTT broker to support these integration node events. The MQTT broker is enabled by default for all events, apart from monitoring events. If you have installed IBM MQ, you can also use the IBM MQ pub/sub broker in place of, or alongside, the built-in MQTT broker. If you have a queue manager that is specified on the integration node, the MQ pub/sub broker is enabled by default for all types of event, including monitoring events. You can choose which type of pub/sub broker to use based on your processing requirements and your existing architecture.