Mapping a SOAP message by using the Override function

In a SOAP message, you can use the Override function to copy a complex type from the input message to the output message, while you update some of the child elements in the complex type with an Assign transform, and a Move transform.

Before you begin

You define your SOAP message parts in a message map by using the Cast function. For more information, see Casting elements in a message map.

About this task

Note: You can include Move transforms and Assign transforms within an Override.


Complete the following steps to configure the SOAP_Domain_Msg when the Mapping node is wired directly from a SOAPInput node with no SOAPExtract node:

  1. Define a Move transform to copy all the elements in the input SOAP_Domain_Msg message unchanged.
  2. Change the value of at least one element by using an Assign transform or a Move transform.
  3. Apply a quick fix to configure the Override function. Select the option Group the conflicting transforms in an override group.


You transformed the SOAP message by using the Override function.

What to do next

Define more transforms between the input SOAP_Domain_Msg and the output SOAP_Domain_Msg. For more information, see Specifying a transform (mapping operation).