Converting a static library to a shared library

When you use the Convert to Application or Library wizards, you can convert one or more projects to static libraries. You can then convert a static library to a shared library manually

Before you begin

Before you convert a static library to a shared library, check that the resources in your static library are supported in a shared library. For more information, see Resources that are not supported in a shared library.

About this task

When you convert a project or application to a library, that library is a static library. To convert a static library to a shared library, complete the following steps.


  1. Create a shared library in the IBM® Integration Toolkit by clicking File > New > Library.
  2. Enter a temporary name for the shared library, then click Finish.
    The name must be unique.
  3. Move the contents of the static library to the shared library.
    You must preserve the folder structure when you move the contents from a static library to a shared library. To reveal all the folders that you must move, click Hide Categories The Show Categories icon on the Application Development view toolbar.

    A message warns that moving resources to another location breaks project references. Accept this message. You will fix the broken references by renaming the libraries.

  4. Rename the static library so that you can use the old name for the new shared library.
    Right-click the static library, click Rename, and enter a name.
  5. Rename the shared library so that it has the old name of the static library.
    By renaming the shared library, broken project references are fixed.
  6. After you have tested the shared library, delete the static library.


The new shared library is shown in the Application Development view with the appropriate icon for a shared library (). If the shared library is referenced by another resource, it is shown in the Referenced Libraries folder for that resource.