ALE business objects

A business object is a structure that consists of data, the action to be performed on the data, and additional instructions for processing the data. The adapter client uses business objects to send data to SAP or to obtain data (through the adapter) from SAP.

The adapter uses the IDoc metadata that is generated by the Adapter Connection wizard to construct a business-object definition. This metadata contains ALE-related information such as segment information, field names, and an indication of whether the business object handles a single IDoc or an IDoc packet.

The Message tree contains a BLOB field that represents the IDoc.

How business-object definitions are created

You create business-object definitions by using the Adapter Connection wizard. The wizard connects to the application, discovers data structures in the application, and generates business-object definitions to represent them. It also generates other resources that are needed by the adapter, such as the interface information that indicates the input and output parameters.

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