IDoc status updates

To monitor IDoc processing, you can configure the adapter to update the IDoc status.

When the adapter configuration property UpdateStatus is set to true (indicating that an audit trail is required for all message types), the adapter updates the IDoc status of ALE business objects that are retrieved from the SAP server. After the event is sent to the message endpoint, the adapter updates the status of the IDoc in SAP to indicate whether the processing succeeded or failed. Monitoring of IDocs applies only to inbound processing (when the IDoc is sent from the SAP server to the adapter).

The adapter updates a status IDoc (ALEAUD) and sends it to the SAP server.

An IDoc that is not successfully sent to the endpoint is considered a failure, and the IDoc status is updated by the adapter. Similarly, an IDoc that reaches the endpoint is considered successfully processed, and the status of the IDoc is updated.

The status codes and their associated text are configurable properties of the adapter, as specified in the activation specification properties and shown in the following list:
  • SuccessCode
  • FailureCode
  • SuccessText
  • FailureText
Perform the following tasks to ensure that the adapter updates the standard SAP status code after it retrieves an IDoc:
  • Set the UpdateStatus configuration property to true and set values for the SuccessCode and FailureCode configuration properties.
  • Configure the inbound parameters of the partner profile of the logical system in SAP to receive the ALEAUD message type. Set the following properties to the specified values:
Table 1. Inbound properties of the logical system partner profile
SAP property Value
Basic Type ALEAUD01
Logical Message Type ALEAUD
Function module IDOC_INPUT_ALEAUD
Process Code AUD1