How can I try out IBM Integration Bus?

To get started quickly with IBM® Integration Bus, the Tutorials Gallery is included with the IBM Integration Toolkit, and is accessible from the Welcome page and from the Help menu.

The Tutorials Gallery provides access to a number of tutorials that are stored on a GitHub repository, and automatically displays new tutorials when they are added to the GitHub repository. For a list of currently available tutorials, see Tutorials available in the Tutorials Gallery.

From the Tutorials Gallery you can download, deploy, and test sample integration solutions, and then explore the configuration of the solution components to learn how to develop integration solutions of your own.

  1. If you are using Windows or Linux®, install the IBM Integration Toolkit.
  2. Navigate to Help > Tutorials Gallery.
  3. Select a tutorial and click View Details to see the content and concepts that are covered in the tutorial.
  4. If you are interested in completing the tutorial, click Start Tutorial and follow the instructions.