Message Sets: Renaming a physical format

Rename a physical format using the Message Set editor.

Before you begin

You must have completed the following tasks:

This task assumes that you have added one or more physical formats to the message set that you are working with. For further information see Message Sets: Adding a Custom Wire Format (CWF) or Message Sets: Adding an XML wire format or Message Sets: Adding a TDS physical format.

About this task

This task topic describes how to rename a physical format using the Message Set editor.

To rename a physical format previously added to the message model:


  1. Close all message definition (.mxsd) files that are currently open in the Message Definition editor, otherwise you will not be able to rename the physical format.
  2. Switch to the Integration Development perspective.
  3. In the Message Set editor, the Properties Hierarchy shows the name of each of the physical formats that have been added to the message set. If the physical format names are not in view, expand XML Wire Formats, Custom Wire Formats, or Tagged/Delimited String Formats by clicking +.
  4. Right-click the physical format that you want to rename then click Rename on the pop-up menu to open the Rename wire format window.
  5. In the Rename wire format window, type the new name for the physical format.
    The renaming operation modifies all of the message definition files in the message set and saves the amended message set file.
  6. Click Finish to rename the physical format and save the message set file.