Processing timed out aggregation messages

Assign additional processing threads to enable processing of timed out aggregation messages in the AggregateReply node.

Before you begin

To complete this task, the following conditions must be met:
  • The AggregateReply node must be using an Aggregation configurable service.
  • The associated Aggregation configurable service must have a queue prefix set that is unique across all Aggregation configurable services.
  • The set of aggregation queues referred to by the associated Aggregation configurable service must only be used by a single integration server on a single integration node.

About this task

By default the AggregateReply node uses a single thread to process timed out aggregation messages. In scenarios where a high volume of messages are expected to timeout, a backlog of messages can accumulate on the SYSTEM.BROKER.AGGR.QueuePrefix.TIMEOUT queue. Follow this task to assign additional processing threads for timeout processing in the AggregateReply node.

You can configure the number of threads that are used to process timeout messages by setting the timeoutThreads property of the associated Aggregation configurable service. For example, use the following command:
mqsichangeproperties MYBROKER -c Aggregation -o myAggregationService -n timeoutThreads -v 10
This command sets the timeout threads of an aggregation to 10 for all nodes that are configured to use the myAggregationService configurable service.