Splitting the processing of message flows

Process parts of your message flow in different locations by creating one message flow that calls another message flow.

Before you begin

Read the concept information in Callable message flows.

About this task

Callable flows allow you to split your message flow processing between different locations. Callable message flows also facilitate reuse because they can be called by multiple message flows.

The calling flow uses a CallableFlowInvoke node to call a CallableInput node in the callable flow. The callable flow then uses a CallableReply node to return information to the CallableFlowInvoke node in the original flow.

You can split flows into multiple callable flows. However, for simplicity, the following tasks describe how to create two flows only: a calling flow and a callable flow.


To split the processing of your message flows, complete the following step.

Create your initial and callable flows. For more information, see Developing synchronously callable message flows.