Creating destination lists

Create a list of destinations to indicate where a message is sent.

Before you begin

Read the concept topic Message flow nodes.

About this task

You can include a Compute node in your message flow, and configure it to create a destination list in the local environment subtree. You can then use the destination list in the following nodes:
  • The MQOutput and JMSOutput nodes, to put output messages to a specified list of destinations.
  • The RouteToLabel node, to pass messages to Label nodes.

For more information about accessing the LocalEnvironment subtree, destination list contents, and example procedures for setting values for each of these scenarios, see Accessing the local environment tree.

For more information about how to populate destination in the LocalEnvironment subtree, and how to build JMS destination lists, see Populating Destination in the local environment tree.

You might find it useful to create the contents of the destination list from an external database that is accessed by the Compute node. You can then update the destinations without needing to update and redeploy the message flow.

The use of the destination list to define which applications receive the output messages is in contrast to the publish/subscribe application model, in which the recipients of the publications are those subscribers that are currently registered with the integration node. The processing that is completed by the message flow does not have any effect on the current list of subscribers.