Generating HTML documentation from an XML Schema file

You can generate HTML documentation from an XML Schema file. The HTML documentation contains various information about the message model that is included in the XML Schema file. This documentation can be useful for providing a summary of the contents of your XML Schema file.

About this task

To generate HTML documentation from an XML Schema file:


  1. In the Navigator view, right-click the XML Schema file that you want to use to generate HTML documentation.
  2. Click Generate > HTML. The XSD Documentation Generation Options dialog opens.
  3. Select the style of HTML documentation that you want:
    • Select Generate XSD Documentation with frames to generate HTML files in a style that is similar to Javadoc files.
    • Select Generate XSD Documentation without frames to generate one HTML file per schema.
  4. Specify a location for your HTML documentation. Click Finish.


The HTML documentation is created in the location that you specified, and is visible in the Application Development view.