Automatic Restart Manager planning

This is part of the larger task of customizing your z/OS® environment.

IBM® Integration Bus for z/OS allows you to register a component to the Automatic Restart Manager (ARM).

When customizing a component, you register it with ARM by editing the following environment variables in the component profile:
Description Name
Switch that determines whether ARM is used (YES or NO). MQSI_USE_ARM

By default components do not register to ARM; the initial setting is MQSI_USE_ARM=NO. You can override this default value by setting MQSI_USE_ARM=YES and providing an ARM element name and type.

MQSI_ARM_ELEMENTNAME must be a maximum of eight characters in length, because IBM Integration Bus adds a prefix of SYSWMQI. For example, if you supply the value MQP1BRK to ARM_ELEMENTNAME, the element you define in your ARM policy is SYSWMQI_MQP1BRK.

To enable automatic restart you must also:
  • Set up an ARM couple data set.
  • Define the automatic restart actions that you want z/OS to perform in an ARM policy.
  • Start the ARM policy.
The following manuals provide detailed information about ARM couple data sets, including samples:
  • z/OS MVS™ Programming: Sysplex Services Guide
  • z/OS MVS Programming: Sysplex Services Reference
  • z/OS MVS Setting up a Sysplex
You can access these manuals from the z/OS product documentation online