Event persistence (JD Edwards)

The WebSphere® Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne supports event persistence for inbound processing in case of abrupt termination. Event persistence (or assured-once delivery) is a way to make sure that events are delivered once, and only once, to the endpoint in the case of a failure.

During event processing, the adapter persists the event state in an event store located on the data source. You must set up this data source before you can create the event store. To use the recovery feature, set the AssuredOnceDelivery property in the activation specification to True. This recovery feature is set to True by default.

When a failed event occurs, the adapter tries to deliver the event once more only. If the event fails again, its status is marked as FAILED and the event remains in the event store until it is either deleted manually or has its status changed. If the adapter fails or stops before the event is marked as FAILED, when it recovers, the adapter retrieves the event from the event store with the stored data and attempts to redeliver the event, marking its status as FAILED only after the default retry limit of one has been exceeded again.