The Adapter Connection wizard (JD Edwards)

The Adapter Connection wizard is a tool that you use to create services. The Adapter Connection wizard establishes a connection to the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne server, discovers services (based on search criteria that you provide), and generates business objects, interfaces, and import or export files, based on the services that are discovered.

See the WebSphere® Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product documentation online for further information.

By using IBM® Integration Bus, you establish a connection to the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne server to browse the metadata repository on the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne server.

You specify connection information (such as the user name and password needed to access the server), and you specify the method of operation that you want to use for an outbound or inbound request:
  • For an outbound request, you specify either a business function or an XML List.
  • For an inbound request, you specify real-time events.
You can then provide search criteria and select the information (for example, by using the search filter with libraries for business functions, or by selecting tables for XML Lists).

The result of running the Adapter Connection wizard is an adapter connection project and a library that contain the interfaces and business objects as well as the adapter.

The Adapter Connection wizard also produces an import file (for outbound processing) or an export file (for inbound processing).
  • The import file contains the managed connection factory property settings that you provide in the wizard.
  • The export file contains the activation specification property settings you provide in the wizard.