Changing connection information for the EmailOutput node

You can configure the SMTP server, port number, and security identity for the EmailOutput node as an integration node external resource.

About this task

Use an alias that is specified in the SMTP Server and Port property on the EmailOutput node. There is no need to restart after using the mqsichangeproperties command to change SMTP configurable service values. The security identity references a user ID and password pair that is defined on the integration node by using the mqsisetdbparms command. As documented for the mqsisetdbparms command, you must stop and start each integration server that uses a particular DSN, before the information that was modified by the mqsisetdbparms command is read and used by that integration server.


  1. Use the web user interface or the mqsicreateconfigurableservice command to create an SMTP integration node external resource for the alias that is specified on the node; see Creating configurable services.
  2. Then use the mqsichangeproperties command to create an SMTPServer property with the value in the form of server:port.
    The port value is optional; if you do not specify it, the default value is 25. You can also use the mqsichangeproperties command to create an SMTPSecurityIdentity property with a value that is the name of a security identity that can be resolved at run time to a user ID and password for authentication with the SMTP server.
    For example:
    mqsicreateconfigurableservice MY_BROKER -c SMTP -o SMTP_MyAlias  
    followed by:
     mqsichangeproperties MY_BROKER -c SMTP -o SMTP_MyAlias -n serverName -v 
    These commands override the SMTP server and port values that are specified on any nodes that also specify an alias of SMTP_MyAlias. If the local environment contains any overrides, they take preference over the integration node external resource properties. See the following example:
    mqsichangeproperties MY_BROKER -c SMTP -o SMTP_MyAlias -n securityIdentity -v mySecurityIdentity  
    You must also use the mqsisetdbparms command to define the security identity at the integration node run time.