Database Routine

You can use the Database Routine transform to call a stored procedure in a database, setting the parameter values by mapping input elements.

The definition of the stored procedure used during the creation of your Database Routine transform is specified in a database definition file (.dbm file) that you select from the Data Design project.

You create the information that is provided in the database definition file by running discovery against your database server. For more information, see Creating a database definition (.dbm file) by using the New Database Definition File wizard. The information available varies depending on the vendor of your database server. Some information, such as the content of any Result Sets returned, is not provided. If you want to map data from any columns in these Result sets, you must define them in the Database Routine setup.

For more information, see Calling a stored procedure from a map.


Note: For information about the support for stored procedures, see Support for stored procedures.