License requirements

You must ensure that your use and configuration of the product conforms to the license agreement that you have purchased.

The following list shows the IBM® Integration Bus production and non-production components:
Production Component
IBM Integration Bus for z/OS 10.1
Non-production Components
IBM Integration Bus 10.1 Windows on x86-64 including toolkit
IBM Integration Bus 10.1 Linux® on x86-64 including toolkit

There are no operation modes in IBM Integration Bus 10.1. All features are enabled in IBM Integration Bus 10.1.

For Windows on x86-64 and Linux on x86-64, IBM Integration Bus 10.1 must be used only for non-production purposes. IBM Integration Bus for z/OS is the only production operating system supported.

The toolkit can be used to deploy resources to integration nodes and integration servers running on z/OS®.

To use IBM MQ features with IBM Integration Bus for z/OS, you must purchase a separate license for IBM MQ. The IBM IBM Integration Bus for z/OS license does, however, entitle you to install and use IBM MQ for test purposes only on the following non-production components:
  • IBM Integration Bus 10.1 Windows on x86-64
  • IBM Integration Bus 10.1 Linux on x86-64

You can view the full license for IBM Integration Bus by visiting the Software license agreements search website. Search for "IBM Integration Bus" and choose the license that applies to the version you are using.

You can view licenses after installation in your chosen language in directory install_dir/server/license/. Terms and conditions are also supplied for third-party products that are used by IBM Integration Bus. The file containing these details is stored in the same license subdirectory when you install one or more runtime components.

Contact your IBM representative if you want further details about license agreements, or if you want to purchase additional licenses or change the type of license that you have purchased.