SCA nodes (deprecated)

SCA nodes support interoperability between IBM® Integration Bus and WebSphere® Process Server.

Note: From Version 7.5 onwards, WebSphere Process Server has been renamed IBM Business Process Manager Advanced. Information in this topic that refers to WebSphere Process Server Version 7.0 is also applicable to IBM Business Process Manager Advanced Version 7.5.

An IBM Integration Bus SCA definition is required to configure the SCA nodes, and it contains specific data related to the Process Server binding. If an MQ binding is specified in the SCA definition, IBM MQ is used to process the messages, which means that IBM MQ must be installed on the same computer as the integration node. You must also specify a queue manager on the integration node by using the -q parameter of the mqsicreatebroker or mqsichangebroker command. IBM MQ is not provided as part of the IBM Integration Bus installation package, but your license for IBM Integration Bus entitles you to install and use IBM MQ. For more information about using IBM MQ with IBM Integration Bus, see Installing IBM MQ.

The following nodes are provided to support interoperability between IBM Integration Bus and WebSphere Process Server:

  • The SCAInput and SCAReply nodes are analogous to the SOAPInput and SOAPReply nodes, and are used in a message flow that provides an SCA endpoint. These SCA nodes are used to construct a message flow which implements SCA.

    The SCAInput node listens for SCA inbound requests (from WebSphere Process Server to IBM Integration Bus).

    The SCAReply node sends a reply back to the client that originated the SCA request. For more information, see SCAInput node (deprecated) and SCAReply node.

  • The SCAAsyncRequest and SCAAsyncResponse nodes are used to construct a pair of message flows that call a WebSphere Process Server service component asynchronously.

    The SCAAsyncRequest node sends an SCA outbound request to a service component that runs in WebSphere Process Server.

    The SCAAsyncResponse node receives the response from a business process that is running in WebSphere Process Server and to which the previous asynchronous request was made. The SCAAsyncResponse node can be in the same message flow or in a separate message flow.

    Calling a WebSphere Process Server service component asynchronously means that the SCAAsyncRequest node sends a request but does not wait for the associated response to be received, although it might wait for an acknowledgment of the request.

    The nodes are used as a pair, and correlate responses and requests. For more information, see SCAAsyncRequest node (deprecated) and SCAAsyncResponse node.

  • The SCARequest node is used to send a request to WebSphere Process Server. The node is configured using an Integration Bus SCA Definition (.outsca) file; depending on the contents of the .outsca file, requests are either:
    • Two-way, synchronous; the node sends the request, then blocks until it receives a response, or the timeout period is exceeded.
    • One-way; the node sends a request only.

    For more information, see SCARequest node.