SCA inbound message flows (deprecated)

SCA inbound message flows are message flows that can be called by a service component running on WebSphere® Process Server. By using SCAInput and SCAReply nodes in your message flow, you can process messages from WebSphere Process Server.

Note: From Version 7.5 onwards, WebSphere Process Server has been renamed IBM® Business Process Manager Advanced. Information in this topic that refers to WebSphere Process Server Version 7.0 is also applicable to IBM Business Process Manager Advanced Version 7.5. Similarly, from Version 7.5 onwards, WebSphere Integration Developer has been renamed IBM Integration Designer. Information in this topic that refers to WebSphere Integration Developer Version 7 is also applicable to IBM Integration Designer Version 7.5.

When you want WebSphere Process Server to call services that are provided by IBM Integration Bus, the SCAInput node acts as an SCA endpoint for the WebSphere Process Server service component. It accepts requests from WebSphere Process Server. The SCAReply node sends replies back to WebSphere Process Server.

Values for many of the properties of the SCAInput node that relate to the WebSphere Process Server binding are provided in the Integration Bus SCA definition. You can generate this in two ways:
  • From a message set.
  • From an SCA import component imported from WebSphere Integration Developer.

The binding type derived from the SCA definition can be either Web Service or MQ; if an MQ binding is specified in the SCA definition, IBM MQ must be available to process the messages, so you must ensure that IBM MQ is installed on the same computer as your integration node. IBM MQ is not provided as part of the IBM Integration Bus installation package, but your license for IBM Integration Bus entitles you to install and use IBM MQ. For more information about using IBM MQ with IBM Integration Bus, see Installing IBM MQ.

You can put an instance of the SCAInput node into a message flow in either of the following ways:
  • Drag an IBM Integration Bus SCA definition with an extension of .insca from a message set onto the message flow editor canvas. If the .insca file contains only one-way operations, dragging a .insca file onto the canvas creates a SCAInput node. Otherwise, a pair of SCAInput and SCAReply nodes is created. If you use this method, many of the values for the properties of the node or nodes are supplied by the IBM Integration Bus SCA definition.
  • Drag an instance of the node from the node palette onto the canvas. You then configure the node by dragging an IBM Integration Bus SCA definition with an extension of .insca onto the node.

The values for properties that relate to the binding supported by the specific SCA component are automatically supplied to the node from the Integration Bus SCA definition; you do not have to manually provide them.