Message flows for Service Component Architecture (SCA) (deprecated)

Use the SCA nodes to develop message flows so that IBM® Integration Bus can interoperate with WebSphere® Process Server. These nodes support scenarios in which service components that run on WebSphere Process Server either are called from IBM Integration Bus or call an IBM Integration Bus message flow.

Note: From Version 7.5 onwards, WebSphere Process Server has been renamed IBM Business Process Manager Advanced. Information in this topic that refers to WebSphere Process Server Version 7.0 is also applicable to IBM Business Process Manager Advanced Version 7.5.

Message flows that are called by service components in WebSphere Process Server are SCA inbound message flows. Message flows that call service components in WebSphere Process Server are SCA outbound message flows.

Inbound flows use either a SCAInput node, or a pairing of the SCAInput node and SCAReply node to process messages from WebSphere Process Server.

Outbound flows use either a SCARequest node, or a pairing of the SCAAsyncRequest node and SCAAsyncResponse node, to call a service component in WebSphere Process Server.