Interoperability with WebSphere Process Server (deprecated)

WebSphere® Process Server is a business integration server that supports solutions based on service-oriented architecture (SOA). It uses Service Component Architecture (SCA) to present all business transactions in a service-oriented way in its runtime environment. IBM® Integration Bus can accept requests from WebSphere Process Server, and can also call service components on WebSphere Process Server.

Note: From Version 7.5 onwards, WebSphere Process Server has been renamed IBM Business Process Manager Advanced. Information in this topic that refers to WebSphere Process Server Version 7.0 is also applicable to IBM Business Process Manager Advanced Version 7.5. Similarly, from Version 7.5 onwards, WebSphere Integration Developer has been renamed IBM Integration Designer. Information in this topic that refers to WebSphere Integration Developer Version 7 is also applicable to IBM Integration Designer Version 7.5.

WebSphere Process Server provides components that can use, or be used by, the services in IBM Integration Bus. This interoperability is based on SCA, and the SCA nodes provide the facilities that permit operation between the two products.

WebSphere Integration Developer is the development environment for WebSphere Process Server. It is the tool for building and deploying SOA-based integration solutions on WebSphere Process Server.

When designing a solution, the Integration Developer can choose either of the following approaches:
Starting from WebSphere Integration Developer
Design the applications in WebSphere Integration Developer, export your project as a Project Interchange (PI) file, then import it into IBM Integration Bus. For more details, see Importing resources from previous versions.
Starting from IBM Integration Bus
Design the applications in IBM Integration Bus, export the Integration Bus SCA definitions, then import them into WebSphere Integration Developer.

Differences in WSDL definition files

When you compare messages on the wire from IBM Integration Bus and WebSphere Integration Developer, the root element might be different. WSDL generated by IBM Integration Bus creates messages whose root element is the element name of the message. In most cases, this element name is the same as the message definition name that is used to generate the WSDL. However in WebSphere Integration Developer, messages are wrapped with an additional element whose name is the same as the name of the operation; consequently, the root element has the name of the operation.