Debug: redeploying a message flow

If you want to change your message flow while you are debugging it, you must redeploy it to the integration server, then reattach the flow debugger.

Before you begin

Stop the message flow before you redeploy it. See: Debug: stopping a message flow instance

About this task

During your debugging session, you might find a problem in a message flow that you want to correct or see a behavior that you want to change. You can alter the flow to resolve the situation and redeploy the flow to the integration node:


  1. Switch to the Debug perspective.
  2. Detach the debugger from the integration server by clicking Detach from the Selected Flow Engines Detach flow on the toolbar.
  3. Switch to the Integration Development perspective.
  4. Edit the flow in the Message Flow editor and save your changes.
  5. Double-click the BAR file that contains your flow. Remove the flow, then add your edited version and save your changes.
  6. Deploy your BAR file.

    Drag your BAR file from the Application Development view to the integration server in the Integration Nodes view. Check the Administration log to make sure that the deployment was successful.

    See: Deploying integration solutions to a production environment.

  7. Switch to the Debug perspective.
  8. Reattach the debugger to the integration server.

    Click the down-arrow on the Debug icon Launch Debug on the toolbar, and select Debug to invoke the Debug (Create, manage, and run configurations) wizard, and attach the flow engine again, following the instructions in Attaching the flow debugger to an integration server for debugging.


The modified message flow is now deployed to the integration node, and the debugging session is ready for you to debug the new flow logic.

What to do next