Debug: querying an integration node to find deployed flows

You can find the message flow that you want to work with in the Flow Debugger by refreshing the list of available flows.

About this task

During an active debugging session, you can query an integration server on an integration node to find out what flows are currently deployed to it. The displayed list of message flows that are available in that integration server is updated. The updated list might include message flows that were not previously deployed, or that were not accessible because the flow was already being accessed by another developer.

To query an integration server for deployed flows:


  1. Switch to the Debug perspective.
  2. In the Debug view, select the integration server that you want to query, then:
    • either, click Refresh Selected Flow Engine to Get More Flow Types Refresh on the toolbar.
    • or, right-click the integration server, then click Refresh Refresh.


The Debug view is refreshed with the names of the flows that are currently deployed to the integration server and are available.

What to do next

You can continue your debugging session and debug one of the listed message flows, or end your debugging session: