Enabling and disabling breakpoints in the flow debugger

You can disable breakpoints that are currently enabled, and vice versa.

Before you begin

Add one or more breakpoints to your message flow. See: Adding breakpoints in the flow debugger.

About this task

Message flow processing pauses only at breakpoints that are enabled. By controlling which breakpoints are enabled and which are disabled, you can, for example, allow processing to continue to the part of a flow that you are interested in without having to continually add and remove breakpoints.

The following symbols identify breakpoints:
  • Enabled breakpoint Enabled breakpoint
  • Disabled breakpoint Disabled breakpoint

If you disable all the breakpoints in a message flow, you cannot perform any other debugging tasks until you add a new breakpoint, or enable an existing breakpoint.

To change the state of breakpoints:


  1. Switch to the Debug perspective.
  2. In the Breakpoints view, select one or more breakpoints that you want to enable or disable.
  3. Right-click the selected breakpoints and click Enable or Disable.
  4. Optional: to change the state of a single breakpoint, right-click the breakpoint and click Properties. Select or clear the Enabled check box as required, then click OK.


The state of breakpoints is changed in all instances of the message flow where they are set.

What to do next

If you have finished debugging, continue with: Debug: ending a session.