Debugging messages

When message flow processing has paused at a breakpoint in your message flow, you can examine and modify the message content.

Before you begin

Add one or more breakpoints to your message flow. See: Adding breakpoints in the flow debugger.

About this task

To examine and modify message data:


  1. Switch to the Debug perspective.
  2. View the messages in the Variables view.

    The Breakpoints view and the Variables view share the same pane. Click the tab at the bottom to select the view that you want.

  3. To alter a message, right-click it and select an option from the menu.
    You cannot alter the content of exceptions within a message.


Message flow processing continues until the next breakpoint that is set in the logical processing of the current message. If there is no further enabled breakpoint at which the flow instance can pause, processing runs to completion and the flow instance is removed from the Debug view.

What to do next

If you have finished debugging this message flow, you can remove the breakpoints, or end the debugging session: