Adding annotations to a message flow or node

You can add annotations to a message flow, a node, or multiple nodes. You can use these annotations to record reminders, issues arising during the development of a message flow, or informal documentation to facilitate team development.

Before you begin

The following instructions assume that you have created a message flow, as described in Creating a message flow.

About this task


  • Adding an annotation to a message flow
    1. Open the message flow that you want to annotate in the Message Flow editor.
    2. In the message flow node palette, click Note, then click the canvas of the Message Flow editor.
      A blank note, in editing mode, is added to the canvas.
    3. Enter your comments to the note.
    4. To exit editing mode, click the canvas outside the note.
      The note resizes according to the amount of text that you enter.
    5. To save the contents of the note, save the message flow.
  • Associating an annotation with a node
    1. Add a note to the canvas, as described in the preceding steps.
    2. To associate a note with a node in the message flow, move the mouse pointer over the edge of the note until a connector appears.
    3. Click the connector, then click the node with which you want to associate the note.
      The sticky note is associated with the selected node. This association is shown in the Message Flow editor by a dotted line.

      You can repeat these steps to associate an annotation with more than one node.

      The following diagram shows that a connector appears when you move the mouse cursor over the edge of a note, and that a dotted line represents the association between a node and a note.
      This diagram is described in the preceding paragraph.

What to do next

After you have added an annotation to a message flow or node, you can modify the annotation in the following ways: