Configuring integration nodes for development environments

Set up application development environments on Linux® on x86-64 or Windows 64-bit to create, test, and deploy message flows and associated resources.

About this task

If you are new to IBM® Integration Bus, you can set up a basic development environment on either Windows or Linux, By default, the installation of the IBM Integration Bus includes a local integration node that is named TESTNODE_user_name. You can also try the tutorials that are supplied in the Tutorials Gallery in the IBM Integration Toolkit (click Help > Tutorials Gallery). Tutorials provide an interactive way of learning how to develop integration solutions in IBM Integration Bus.

Note: The integration node TESTNODE_user_name is created automatically when you install the IBM Integration Toolkit. If you delete the integration node TESTNODE_user_name in your current workspace, next time you start the IBM Integration Toolkit, TESTNODE_user_name is recreated automatically.

When you have tried out your first few tutorials, you can create and configure more integration nodes, and set up an environment that can support your application developers. Many tutorials are supplied, and provide education and guidance about how to use many of the facilities of IBM Integration Bus.

To create and configure integration nodes, follow the instructions in Using the development environment.

When you start the IBM Integration Toolkit, a workbench session opens, which you can use to create, configure, and manage your application development resources. You can configure your workbench session in various ways to suit your working environment and preferences. These options are described in Configuring the IBM Integration Toolkit.